Monthly Archives: July 2010

Oqtans: Online Quantitative Transcriptome Analysis

The current revolution in sequencing technologies allows us to obtain a much more detailed picture of transcriptomes via RNA-Sequencing. We have developed the first integrative online platform, Oqtans, for quantitatively analyzing RNA-Seq experiments. It is based on the Galaxy-framework and ...

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Uncovering the Complexity of Transcriptomes with RNA-Seq

In recent years, the introduction of massively parallel sequencing platforms for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) protocols, able to simultaneously sequence hundred thousand DNA fragments, dramatically changed the landscape of the genetics studies. RNA-Seq for transcriptome studies, Chip-Seq for DNA-proteins interaction, ...

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RNA-Seq Web Resources

Technical Guides RNA-Seq Technical Guide – From Genomeweb. A panel of experts answer questions regarding RNA-Seq experiments. Discussion Forums The RNA-Seq Blog – A discussion forum for all things transcriptomic. SEQanswers – The next-generation sequencing community – threads tagged with ...

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