Monthly Archives: August 2010

DNA microarrays vs RNAseq

The winner and new heavyweight champion is?… It’s a draw. by Scott Peterson, Scientific Director, PFGRC at JCVI In the past year or so there have been several articles stating that the death of microarray technology is growing near. These ...

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New Technologies Reveal the Porcine microRNAome

The development of next generation technologies is enabling the complete mapping and further understanding of microRNAs (miRNAs).  Deep sequencing (NGS) provides complete coverage of the small transcriptome and new bioinformatics tools such as ACGT101-miR enable an exhaustive analysis of the ...

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Sequencing vs Microarrays for Transcriptome Analysis

From – Genomics Technologies: The Power of Genome-Scale Quantitative Data Resolution Profiling Transcriptomes, Plant Physiology 2010 …More recently, direct sequencing of transcripts by high-throughput sequencing technologies (RNA-Seq) has become an additional alternative to microarrays and is superseding SAGE and MPSS (Busch ...

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