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Upcoming Next-Gen Sequencing Conferences

Evolution of Next Generation Sequencing September 27th – 29th, 2010 Rhode Island Convention Center – Providence, RI Cambridge Healthtech Second-Generation Applications to Third-Generation Progress Beyond the Genome: The true gene count, human evolution and disease genomics October 11th – 13th, ...

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The Debate Rages On!

A systematic comparison of RNA-Seq and High-Density Exon Array for detecting differential gene expression between closely related species (a panel of human/chimpanzee/rhesus cerebellum RNA samples). Results indicate that RNA-Seq has significantly improved gene coverage and increased sensitivity for differentially expressed ...

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GOseq – Gene Ontology (GO) analysis on RNA-seq data

GO analysis is widely used to reduce complexity and highlight biological processes in genome-wide expression studies, but standard methods give biased results on RNA-seq data due to over-detection of differential expression for long and highly expressed transcripts. The authors have ...

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ALEXA-seq – Alternative expression analysis by RNA sequencing

Alternative expression analysis by sequencing (ALEXA-seq) A method to analyze massively parallel RNA sequence data in order to catalog transcripts and assess differential and alternative expression of known and predicted mRNA isoforms in cells and tissues. The authors compared fluorouracil-resistant ...

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RNA-Seq Data Contributes to Major miRBase Update

The miRBase microRNA Sequence Database provides a searchable online repository for published microRNA sequences and associated annotation.  The database is updated 2 to 3 times per year based on publication of any new experimentally verified microRNA sequences.  The first version ...

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New Splice Junction Mapping Tool – MapSplice

The accurate mapping of reads that span splice junctions is a critical component of all analytic techniques that work with RNA-seq data. Here is a second generation splice detection algorithm, MapSplice, whose focus is high sensitivity and specificity in the ...

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