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Uncovering the Complexity of Transcriptomes with RNA-Seq

“RNA-Seq is perhaps the most complex NGS application “ In recent years, the introduction of massively parallel sequencing platforms for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) protocols, able to simultaneously sequence hundred thousand DNA fragments, dramatically changed the landscape of the genetics ...

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Industry Press

Mar 15, 2011, 06:00 ET Ingenuity Announces RNA-Sequencing Workflow Support and First-of-Its-Kind microRNA Filtering Capability With Latest Release of IPA PR Newswire – Processed RNA-Seq datasets can now be uploaded directly into IPA and analyzed in the context of pathways ...

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Latest Poll Results

We asked: In the Year 2015, what will it cost to perform RNA-Seq (whole transcriptome sequencing – human sample)? You Answered: $10 17 13% $100 40 31% $500 38 29% $1,000 25 19% $2,500 6 5% $5,000 5 4%

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Range of NGS Applications Rises Quickly

By Vicki Glaser – Genetic Engineering News Advanced Technological Approach Generates Genomic Data Better, Faster, and Cheaper In the next-gen sequencing (NGS) arena, the focus over the past several years has been on technological advances, moving from second-generation to third-generation ...

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