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New RNA-Seq Blog Poll

Given the results of the last poll (most folks are using RNA-Seq for gene expression analysis), I thought we could dive a little deeper on the subject and see just what y’all think about some of the specifics of using ...

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Workflows for RNA-Seq data analysis

The authors have developed an RNA-Seq analysis workflow for single-ended Illumina reads, termed RseqFlow. This workflow includes a set of analytic functions, such as quality control for sequencing data, signal tracks of mapped reads, calculation of expression levels, identification of ...

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RNA-Seq Unified Mapper (RUM)

Comparative Analysis of RNA-Seq Alignment Algorithms and the RNA-Seq Unified Mapper (RUM). A critical task in high throughput sequencing is aligning millions of short reads to a reference genome. Alignment is especially complicated for RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) because of RNA ...

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Bias Detection and Correction in RNA-Sequencing Data

High throughput sequencing technology provides us unprecedented opportunities to study transcriptome dynamics. Compared to microarray-based gene expression profiling, RNA-Seq has many advantages, such as high resolution, low background, and ability to identify novel transcripts. Moreover, for genes with multiple isoforms, ...

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RNA-Seq Blog Poll Results

71 Total Respondents More than twice as many of you performing RNA-Seq for gene expression as for the next highest application, novel transcript detection. Given all that RNA-Seq is capable of providing for us, it is interesting to me that ...

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