2012 Next-Gen Sequencing Conferences

2nd Next Generation Sequencing
Boston, MA – May 30th – 31st
GTC’s 2nd Next Generation Sequencing Conference is a 2-day meeting that will bring together leading technology and diagnostic companies, national laboratories and academic institutions from across the globe to discuss applications of NGS platforms, novel sequencing strategies, developments in nanopore and single molecule sequencing and the implementation of NGS in the clinical space. (read more…)

Next Generation Sequencing
Prague – June 12th – 13th
Informa Life Sciences – Our Next Generation Sequencing conference provides you with the opportunity to hear the latest and most exciting developments in NGS technological advances (including 3rd and 4th generation platforms), sample preparation strategies for difficult samples, and how research, drug/diagnostic discovery and development are utilising next generation sequencing. (read more…)

Next-Gen Sequencing Applications & Translational Technologies Summit
San Francisco, CA – August 6th – 8th
ibc Life Sciences – How are others leveraging the power of next-generation sequencing in everyday research, and for clinical and diagnostic applications? Are you looking to accelerate your discovery and development efforts using translational technologies? (read more…)

NGX: Applying Next-Generation Sequencing
Providence, RI – Aug 13th – 15th
Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s NGX: Applying Next-Generation Sequencing investigates the expanding applications of NGS. Learn from experienced researchers from large sequencing centers, core laboratories, and specialized groups as they share their practical knowledge, real-world experiences and solutions. (read more…)

Next- Generation Sequencing Summit
London, September 17th – 18th
SMi – A data interpretation and analytical perspective. Identifying potential therapeutic drug targets and validating their suitability is a complex process involving numerous experimental platforms, including DNA sequence analysis(read more…)

Beyond the Genome 2012
Boston, MA – September 27th 29th
Genome Medicine and Genome Biology – The aim of the conference is to discuss next-generation sequencing and other new technologies, informatic tools, and how these are being used to identify common and rare disease-causing mutations in the research laboratory and toward the clinic. Themes will include cancer genomics from discovery sequencing to genome guided therapy, epigenomic technologies and applications, and inherited disease beyond the candidate gene approach. There will also be an informatics workshop. (read more…)

Next Generation Sequencing Congress
London – November 15th-16th
Oxford Global – 2 day conference showcasing cutting edge next generation sequencing platforms, technologies, applications and computational tools for the analysis of NGS sequencing data. (read more…)