Monthly Archives: January 2012

A new approach to bias correction in RNA-Seq

Researchers at the University of Washington and FHCRC have developed a new method to measure and correct for protocol-specific sequence bias for quantification of sequence abundance in RNA-Seq experiments using a simple graphical model. Their model does not rely on ...

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Roche vs Illumina – Round 1

On Tuesday, Roche announced a $5.7 Billion hostile takeover bid for Illumina. Roche said it is making its proposal after “multiple efforts to engage with Illumina in order to reach a negotiated transaction,” were rebuffed. Under the terms of its ...

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RNA-Seq of Cows Milk

Cow milk is a complex bioactive fluid consumed by humans beyond infancy. Even though the chemical and physical properties of cow milk are well characterized, very limited research has been done on characterizing the milk transcriptome. This study performs a ...

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FX: an RNA-Seq analysis tool on the cloud

FX is an RNA-Seq analysis tool, which runs in parallel on cloud computing infrastructure, for the estimation of gene expression levels and genomic variant calling. In the mapping of short RNA-Seq reads, FX uses a transcriptome-based reference primarily, generated from ...

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RNA Sequence Databases

Nucleic Acids Research has published its 19th annual Database Issue and  features descriptions of 92 new online databases covering various areas of molecular biology and 100 papers describing recent updates to the databases previously described in NAR and other journals. ...

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