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RNA-Seq to Study Epigenetics of Obesity

from the Houston Chronicle Hangzhou, China (PRWEB) May 29, 2012 – In a new study published online in Nature Communications, researchers from Sichuan Agricultural University and LC Sciences report the miRNAome in porcine adipose and muscle tissues. The report provides ...

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RNA-Seq Study Design calculator

The purpose of this calculator is to assist with RNA-Seq study design, in particular with the determination of the number of samples required to ensure sufficient statistical power. In general, a paired design will ensure greater power, but at increased ...

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The Emergence of lncRNA

lncRNA Database Most (~75%) of the catalogued lncRNAs are from mammals, for which more transcriptomic data is available and which have been more intensively studied, but lncRNAs from vertebrates to single-celled eukaryotes have been included. In addition, lncRNAdb has links ...

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2012 Next-Gen Sequencing Conferences

2nd Next Generation Sequencing Boston, MA – May 30th – 31st GTC’s 2nd Next Generation Sequencing Conference is a 2-day meeting that will bring together leading technology and diagnostic companies, national laboratories and academic institutions from across the globe to ...

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OSA – A fast and accurate alignment tool for RNA-Seq

Accurately mapping RNA-Seq reads to the reference genome is a critical step for performing downstream analysis such as transcript assembly, isoform detection and quantification. Many tools have been developed, however, given the huge size of the next generation sequencing (NGS) ...

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Protocol – Computational Analysis of RNA-Seq

Accurately and comprehensively mapping millions of relatively short reads to a reference genome sequence can require not only specialized software, but also more structured and automated procedures to manage, analyze, and visualize the data. Additionally, the computational hardware required to ...

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