Monthly Archives: September 2012

Important Feed Delivery Update

Good day to all our RNA-Seq Blog subscribers! We have some important information regarding our news blog feed.  Google has decided to shut down Feedburner.  This is the service we were using to deliver our news posts and manage our ...

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RNA-Seq Bioinformaticians in High Demand

Bioinformatics Analyst  – Sanofi Group (Cambridge, MA) …quality control pipelines for a variety of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) applications such as DNA- seq , ChIP- seq , and RNA – seq . Develop novel statistical … Sanofi Group (09/26/12) Bioinformatics ...

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DSS – Dispersion Shrinkage for Sequencing

Gene expression is a stochastic process so biological replicates in the same treatment group do not share identical expression levels. The presence of biological variation leads to the “over-dispersion” problem, e.g. the read counts show variation greater than expected from ...

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