A Simple RNA-Seq Read Simulator

RNASeqReadSimulator is a set of scripts generating simulated RNA-Seq reads. RNASeqReadSimulator provides users a simple tool to generate RNA-Seq reads for research purposes, and a framework to allow experienced users to expand functions. RNASeqReadSimulator offers the following features:

  1. It allows users to randomly assign expression levels of transcripts and generate simulated single-end or paired-end RNA-Seq reads.
  2. It is able to generate RNA-Seq reads that have a specified positional bias profile.
  3. It is able to simulate random read errors from sequencing platforms.
  4. The simulator consists of a few simple Python scripts. All scripts are command line driven, allowing users to invoke and design more functions.

Availability – RNASeqReadSimulator is distributed via GitHub. All updates and bug fixes will be reflected to GitHub repository immediately.