Advanced NGS Course – RNA-Seq Data Analysis

Date                October 15-17th 2012

Location          Amsterdam Medical Centre (AMC)
Keywords       Next-generation sequencing, NGS, data analysis, RNA-seq, transcriptome
Organiser         NBIC

Hoen, ‘t Peter-Bram Dr.
Rutger Brouwer
Marcel Willemsen

Patrick Koks


NBIC and partners LUMC, AMC and EMC will organize a 3-day course on RNA-seq data analysis from 15 – 17 October 2012. This is an expert course for people with experience in NGS and a follow-up course on the general NBIC NGS data analysis course (which will be given from 11-13 September 2012 in Rotterdam.) The course will consist of seminars and hands-on Galaxy and R practicals and will focus on data preprocessing, quality control, and statistical methods for detection of differential gene expression.

Course topics: 

  • RNA-seq experimental approaches
  • Alignment and de novo assembly
  • Statistics for differential gene expression
  • eQTL analysis and allele specific expression
  • Software for RNA-seq data analysis

Target audience

Participants for the RNA-seq course should preferably have participated in the general NGS course or otherwise have demonstrated hands-on experience with NGS data analysis. The course is aimed at PhD students and post-docs, but scientific programmers and data analysts with a background in biology and bioinformatics may also attend.

The registration procedure for this course will open in September 2012. If you pre-register here, you will be notified  as soon as the application form is available.

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