Ask the RNA-Seq Experts

The organizers of RNA-Seq 2013 are running a promotion this week for the conference. Over the next few weeks they will be conducting interviews with members of the speaker panel to give you some insight into their work in the field of RNA-Seq. Before getting started, they want to find out what questions you would ask if you had the chance.

They are asking people to submit questions that they would like to ask the speakers. They will then compile these for interviews with the speakers and release the articles shortly after.

Speakers include…

  • Thomas Wu, Senior Scientist, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Genentech
  • Brian Haas, Manager of Genome Annotation, Outreach, Bioinformatics and Analysis, Broad Institute
  • Edward Oakeley, Senior Group Head, Next Generation Sequencing, Novartis
  • Rick Stevens, Senior Scientist, Head of Next Generation Sequencing Platform, Merck
  • Sherry Cao, Associate Director, Scientific Computating, Genzyme
  • Paul Kayne, Senior Principal Scientist, Head of Genomic Technologies, Bristol Myers-Squibb
  • Ganesh Sathe, Manager DNA Sequencing, GSK
  • Maarten Leerkes, Genome Analysis Specialist, NIH

View the full speaker line up here

This speakers on the panel have been selected to deliver a comprehensive guide for applying RNA-Seq in drug discovery and development.

If you have a question that you would like to ask during the interviews then send an email to and tell them what it is. They plan to compile all your suggestions and include the most popular themes in the interview questions.