DsTRD – Danshen Transcriptional Resource Database

Salvia miltiorrhiza has been comprehensively studied as a medicinal model plant. However, research progress on this species is significantly hindered by its unavailable genome sequences and limited number of expressed sequence tags in the National Center for Biotechnology Information database. ...

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Bioinformatics Resources for MicroRNA Discovery


Biomarker identification is often associated with the diagnosis and evaluation of various diseases. Recently, the role of microRNA (miRNA) has been implicated in the development of diseases, particularly cancer. With the advent of next-generation sequencing, the amount of data on ...

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The Mammalian Transcriptomic Database

A systematic transcriptome survey is essential for the characterization and comprehension of the molecular basis underlying phenotypic variations. Recently developed RNA-seq methodology has facilitated efficient data acquisition and information mining of transcriptomes in multiple tissues/cell lines. Current mammalian transcriptomic databases ...

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