The Debate Rages On!

A systematic comparison of RNA-Seq and High-Density Exon Array for detecting differential gene expression between closely related species (a panel of human/chimpanzee/rhesus cerebellum RNA samples). Results indicate that RNA-Seq has significantly improved gene coverage and increased sensitivity for differentially expressed ...

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GOseq – Gene Ontology (GO) analysis on RNA-seq data

GO analysis is widely used to reduce complexity and highlight biological processes in genome-wide expression studies, but standard methods give biased results on RNA-seq data due to over-detection of differential expression for long and highly expressed transcripts. The authors have ...

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New Splice Junction Mapping Tool – MapSplice

The accurate mapping of reads that span splice junctions is a critical component of all analytic techniques that work with RNA-seq data. Here is a second generation splice detection algorithm, MapSplice, whose focus is high sensitivity and specificity in the ...

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