Dissect – a novel transcriptome-to-genome alignment tool

DissectDissect (DIScovery of Structural Alteration Event Containing Transcripts), a novel transcriptome-to-genome alignment tool, can identify and characterize transcriptomic events such as duplications, inversions, rearrangements and fusions. Dissect is suitable for whole transcriptome structural variation discovery problems involving sufficiently long reads or accurately assembled contigs.

Dissect was tested on simulated transcripts altered via structural events, as well as assembled RNA-Seq contigs from human prostate cancer cell line C4-2. AVAILABILITY:

Dissect is available for public use at: http://dissect-trans.sourceforge.net

Yorukoglu D, Hach F, Swanson L, Collins CC, Birol I, Sahinalp SC. (2012) Dissect: detection and characterization of novel structural alterations in transcribed sequences. Bioinformatics 28(12):i179-i187. [article]