Ensembl Update (e58) with RNA-Seq Data

Zebrafish RNASeq models (Zebrafish)
A new set of gene models made using RNA-Seq data from 9 tissues. The gene set has exon and transcript level RPKM values for each tissue stored as supporting features. The models are an additional gene set to the Ensembl build and are stored in the otherfeatures database.

Gorilla patched gene set (Gorilla)
Patch gorilla gene set using Ensembl (e57) human translation to include new genes, extend existing genes and merge previously split adjacent genes.
Patch gorilla otherfeatures database with RNA-Seq gene models from Illumina transcriptome analysis of a Western lowland gorilla.

WormBase WS210 (C.elegans)
An ensembl build based on the WS210 WormBase C.elegans freeze using the r58 code. Main feature are quite a few new transcripts thanks to RNA-seq data. The functional genomics database will include imported mappings for Agilent and Affymetrix expression arrays, as well as a remapped set using the functional genomics pipeline.

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