Ensembl Update (e62) with Human BodyMap 2.0 RNA-Seq Data

The latest release of  Ensembl (release 62) includes  RNASeq data from Illumina’s Human BodyMap 2.0 project. It consists of 16 human tissue types, including adrenal, adipose, brain, breast, colon, heart, kidney, liver, lung, lymph, ovary, prostate, skeletal muscle, testes, thyroid, and white blood cells. For each tissue, they have aligned the raw reads to the genome and then linked exons into tissue-specific transcript models using the reads that span an exon-exon boundary.

You can view these data in the Region in Detail view. Click on ‘Configure this page’ and choose ‘RNA-Seq’ at the left of the main panel. Enable any or all of the 32 tracks and then close the configuration panel. Out of 32 possible tracks you can draw, 16 are tissue ‘gene model’ tracks, and 16 are ‘intron’ tracks.

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