Featured RNA-Seq Job – Post-doc Positions in Bioinformatics (RNA-Seq analysis)

The Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research

The department of Prof. Emmanuelle Charpentier at the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research in Braunschweig (Germany) is offering a Bioinformatician Position at the Post-doctoral level. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to collaborate with a team of biologists specialized in the fields of microbiology and infection biology. Research in the department aims at identifying novel regulatory RNAs and proteins critical in fundamental biological processes of bacterial pathogens: survival, adaptation, virulence, immunity against gene acquisition (CRISPR-Cas) and response to bacterial infection by host cells. See our recent publications by Jinek et al. (2012, Science 337:816-821), Deltcheva et al. (2011, Nature 471:602-607) and Fuhrmann et al. (2009, Science 324:1323-1327).

Area of research
The Helmholtz department “Regulation in Infection Biology” studies molecular mechanisms of regulation in processes of infection and immunity with a focus on Gram-positive bacterial pathogens. The group is particularly interested in understanding how RNAs and proteins coordinate to modulate gene expression in various biological pathways such as horizontal gene transfer (CRISPR-Cas immunity), adaptation to stress, physiology, persistence, virulence, infection and defense. We use a combination of sophisticated -omics, genetic, molecular, biochemical, physiological and cell infection approaches to identify new molecules and decipher their genesis, functions and modes of action. A greater understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of regulation in bacterial pathogens is critical to generate new findings for possible translation into novel biotechnological (e.g. genome editing tools) and biomedical (e.g. anti-infective strategies) applications.

We apply RNA-sequencing to identify novel regulatory RNAs and proteins and analyze gene expression profiling in infectious processes by bacterial pathogens. To translate the extensive datasets into knowledge, the candidate will apply the latest existing analysis tools from the RNA-seq field and will be encouraged to search and/or develop new programs and design her/his own project. The candidate will be in constant connection with microbiology and infection biology-related questions. In silico findings will be verified in functional experiments, thus leading to translation of the bio-informatics data into novel biological findings.

  • Bioinformatics projects related to the topics of the department
  • Opportunity to collaborate with other bioinformatician teams at HZI specialized in the fields of microbiology and infection biology


  • PhD in Bioinformatics or related fields with proven publication record
  • Familiar with gene expression data analysis, preferably RNA-Seq and protein data analysis
  • Proficiency in major programming language and in handling large datasets
  • Ideally some experience in biology related questions
  • Ability to work independently and as part of an international team, lead bioinformatics projects related to the offered topics and supervising junior scientists of the lab
  • High self-motivation and enthusiasm
  • Excellent English communication skills (written and spoken)

The position is suitable for full-time employment.

Equal Opportunities are part of our personnel policy – qualified women are especially invited to apply.
Qualified applicants with a disability will be given preference.

Location: Braunschweig / Hannover (Germany)
Starting date: Early 2014 – Initial contract for 2 years
Probation period: 6 months
Salary: TVöD E14
Closing date: 06.01.2014

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