HiSeq 2500 Datasets now Available in BaseSpace

by Amy Cullinan – Illumina Blog

BS_postIn a pair of posts on the BaseSpace blog this past week, our bioinformatics team has announced the availability of a 2 x 150 bp HiSeq 2500 dataset, and compares data quality and run time of this data with a run on HiSeq 2000.

On the HiSeq 2500, data quality was equal to that achieved on HiSeq 2000, and >100 Gb was delivered in ~50 hours using the rapid run mode of the HiSeq 2500 instrument. The sample used in all analyses was the well-studied human CEPH NA12878. The incredible speed, daily throughput and data quality of the HiSeq 2500 is critical in settings where fast and accurate answers are required.

All datasets are available for sharing and analyzing in BaseSpace, Illumina’s genomics cloud computing platform.

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