Important Feed Delivery Update

Good day to all our RNA-Seq Blog subscribers!

We have some important information regarding our news blog feed.  Google has decided to shut down Feedburner.  This is the service we were using to deliver our news posts and manage our email subscriptions.  They will discontinue this service as of Oct 20th, 2012 so we have changed over to WordPress RSS feeds and Mailchimp email subscriptions.

Unfortunately, if you had subscribed to the RNA-Seq Blog in an RSS reader, you will need to update your subscription from: to:

We apologize for this most annoying inconvenience.

If you had subscribed to the RNA-Seq Blog by email, there is no action required.  You will continue to receive emails each time we make a post to the blog.  The email will have a slightly different look, as you can see.  We think it looks much nicer.  What do you think?

New Email Format


The RNA-Seq Blog Team