Interview with RNA-Seq Europe 2013 Speaker – Raffaele Calogero

Raffaele Calogero isAssociate Professor of the Bioinformatics & Genomics Unit at the University of Turin. Raffaele’s consolidated experience in microarray data analysis and database mining have served to switch the laboratory’s classical immunological approach to a genome-wide vision.

Download the interview from the RNA-Seq website.

Raffaele explains that there have been some really exciting developments since the emergence of RNA-Seq technology. Of course you’ll probably know that. However, a word of warning from Raffaele was that if you don’t have a good design, data will be very difficult to analyse. There is still a long way to go!

You can download the interview for free here. It’s a great read whether you’re an advocate of the microarray, or a staunch believer that RNA-Seq is the only way forward.

Raffaele is one of the expert speakers at RNA-Seq Europe, with the likes of Edward Oakeley (Novartis), Patrick Descombes (Nestle Institute of Health Sciences), Henrik Seidel (Bayer) and Ralph Schlapbach (ETH Zurich).

Raffaele is leading an interactive pre-conference workshop in which he will be giving a comprehensive introduction to RNA-Seq technology for both new and established users. In addition he will be giving a more specific presentation on the program covering the state-of-the-art bioinformatics approaches his team are applying to RNA-Seq data.