Introducing the Public Beta of RNASeq-supporting MeV

The MeV team has been working furiously to build a version of MeV that can load and analyze next generation sequencing data. Today we are proud to announce the first public beta version of an RNA-Seq capable MeV.

This project has shown that it is, indeed, feasible to adjust MEV’s data model and processing functions to handle this new data; that the memory footprint is not untenable, and that the existing features so important to microarray data analysis can easily be applied to the richer datasets now available.

The project also includes four new, mRNA-Seq specific modules: one based on the gene list enrichment package GOSeq, three differential expression analysis packages, based on the R packages DESeq, DGESeq and EdgeR. These modules are built on the same simple user-interface that has made MeV accessible to researchers of all computer literacy levels. They sit alongside the classic modules like K-means clustering, EASE and Bayes Networks.

This project paves the way for future support of other next-generation sequencing data. We will use the lessons we have learned in building it to bring fully-supported next-generation genomic data analysis to future versions of MeV. We soon hope to provide the community the same powerful, graphical tool that has assisted so many in getting the most out of their genomics data. (read more… )