New Invertebrate Expression Database

Invertebrate DatabaseAs whole genome and transcriptome sequencing gets cheaper and faster, a great number of “exotic” animal models are emerging, rapidly adding valuable data to the ever-expanding Evolutionary Development (Evo-Devo) field. Check out our list of recently RNA-Seq’d species in the left sidebar. All these new organisms serve as a fantastic resource for the research community, but the sheer amount of data makes detailed comparison of gene expression patterns very difficult to summarize. There is a need to merge existing data with new information in an organized manner that is publicly available to the research community

In order to offer a homogenous way of storing and handling gene expression patterns from a variety of organisms, Researchers at the University of Hawaii have developed the first web-based comparative gene expression database for invertebrates that allows species-specific as well as cross-species gene expression comparisons. The database can be queried by gene name, developmental stage and/or expression domains and allows the retrieval, analysis and comparison of gene expression patterns within or among species. In addition, this database enables a quick identification of putative syn-expression groups that can be used to initiate, amongst other things, gene regulatory network (GRN) projects.

This database is openly accessible via Internet and is hosted at:

Ormestad M, Martindale MQ, Rottinger E.( 2011) A comparative gene expression database for invertebrates. Evodevo 2(1), 17. [article]