isomiRID: A framework to identify microRNA isoforms

MicroRNAs have been extensively studied due to their important regulatory roles in genic expression. An increasingly number of reports are performing extensive data mining in small RNA sequencing libraries in order to detect miRNAs isoforms and also 5′ and 3′ post-transcriptional nucleotide additions, as well as edited miRNAs sequences. A ready to use pipeline, isomiRID, was developed in order to standardize and automatize the search for miRNAs isoforms in high-throughput small RNA sequencing libraries.


AVAILABILITY: isomiRID is a command line Python script available at:


  • de Oliveira LF, Christoff AP, Margis R. (2013) isomiRID: A framework to identify microRNA isoforms. Bioinformatics [Epub ahead of print]. [article]