JETTA: Junction and Exon Toolkits for Transcriptome Analysis

JETTA detects alternatively spliced exons based on pre-calculated statistics of exons and junctions in RNA-Seq data sets. It does not support low-level RNA-Seq analysis such as base calling, mapping, alignment, transcript assembly, and expression calculation. For low-level RNA-Seq analysis, please refer to SeqMap, rSeq, and SpliceMap or other tools.

Input Data Files – JETTA requires the following files

These expression matrixes can be calculated from any RNA-Seq platform, but Illumina RNA-Seq plaforms with GA-II, GA-IIx and HiSeq2000 are suggested. Each expression files should contain samples of two conditions, and at least more than two samples for each condition.

Availability – JETTA source codes and other downloads are available at: