MeV v4.7 includes RNA-Seq data loading and analysis functions

The MeV Development team has been working over the last year on a major addition to MeV; they have expanded the program’s data model to support data unique to RNA-Seq output: count data, RPKM/FPKM values, library sizes, class codes, etc. A new file loader allows for loading mapped read count or RPKM/FPKM values into MeV from a simple, tab-delimited format. In addition, we have added four new modules that provide analysis tools optimized for RNA-Seq data.

The MeV Development team released a pilot version of MeV containing these features back in December. (See  Since then they have been testing and streamlining the code and ensuring that the new features integrate well into MeV. They plan to continue development of these features, and continue expanding MeV’s capabilities to support other genomic data types.