Next-Gen RNA-Seq Analytical Workshop – Dana Farber

Dana FarberDate: Monday September 24 and Tuesday September 25, 2012
Location: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology,
Center for Life Science, 3 Blackfan Circle, 11th Floor, Conference Room 11081A

RNA-Seq is emerging as a new tool to study transcriptome changes through massively parallel sequencing. Direct sequencing of cDNA or RNA offers greater resolution, sensitivity, and dynamic range for gene expression over microarray technology. However, understanding and managing the Big Data generated from RNA-Seq experiments presents a novel analytical challenge. This 2-day workshop will introduce next-generation sequencing platforms for RNA-Seq experiments and analytical strategies to process the data.

A primary goal of the workshop will be to enable participants having no prior knowledge of RNA-Seq to carry out a large-scale analysis on their own using cloud computing resources. Through lectures and tutorials we will introduce the basic concepts of RNA-Seq from experimental design, library construction, quality control, read alignment, SNP detection, transcript quantification, and differential expression analysis. Participants will get hands-on experience analyzing real data in the Amazon Cloud Computing environment and will learn how to initiate Amazon based servers that allow large scale processing not available to a typical biology lab. Basic knowledge of molecular biology is assumed, but participants need not have prior programming experience to attend. All required skills, from navigating a Linux terminal to visualizing mapped reads and structural variations will be demonstrated.

These courses will run every other month into mid-2013.
Space is limited, please register here.

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