Oqtans: Online Quantitative Transcriptome Analysis

The current revolution in sequencing technologies allows us to obtain a much more detailed picture of transcriptomes via RNA-Sequencing. We have developed the first integrative online platform, Oqtans, for quantitatively analyzing RNA-Seq experiments. It is based on the Galaxy-framework and provides tools for read mapping, transcript reconstruction and quantitation.

The toolbox Oqtans is available at our Galaxy-based Compute Service.

Currently, Oqtans contains the following tools:

  • PALMapper for accurate spliced alignment of RNA-Seq reads
  • mGene for computational gene finding
  • mTiM for de novo transcript prediction from RNA-Seq data
  • rQuant for transcriptome quantitation from RNA-Seq experiments


A lecture describing Oqtans can be found here.

Download the full poster here.