PacBio Books Four Systems in Q3 – Plans Q4 Chemistry Upgrade to Enable Longer Average Read Length

By Monica Heger from GenomeWeb News

Pacific Biosciences booked four new systems in the third quarter of 2012, an increase from just one in the previous quarter, but down from six in the year-ago quarter. The Q3 orders bring its backlog to five systems.

Additionally, the company is planning to launch new chemistry in the fourth quarter that it says will increase average read lengths to 5,000 bases with five percent of reads above 13,000 bases. PacBio’s current C2 chemistry yields average reads of 3,000 bases with five percent above 8,000 bases.

“Long reads are especially valuable for de novo assembly applications and targeted sequencing of large repeat regions and regions with complex structural variation,” CEO Mike Hunkapiller said during a conference call discussing the company’s 2012 third-quarter earnings.

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