RNA-Seq and Transcriptome Analysis

Bio-IT World and Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Inaugural
RNA-Seq and Transcriptome Analysis
Unraveling Layers of Expression

5-6 December 2013 | Sheraton Lisbon Hotel & Spa | Lisbon, Portugal

 Transcriptome sequencing (RNA-Seq) is a robust approach steadily replacing microarrays as the choice method to accurately profile and quantify overall gene expression levels, while simultaneously allowing unbiased discovery of alternative splicing variants, rare and novel transcripts, miRNA precursors, differential isoforms and de novo analysis of samples. The ability to obtain a complete picture of disease transcriptomes provides clearer understanding of how the underlying genome is converted into the functional proteins, allowing for clinical utility in patient classification, diagnosis, and individualized treatment. However, a myriad of advanced bioinformatics tools and techniques for quality control, pre-processing, alignment, quantitative analysis and differential expression pose significant hurdles for many biologists and clinicians. Bio-IT World and Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s RNA-Seq and Transcriptome Analysis is designed to navigate the many bioinformatics challenges encountered by transcriptome sequencing, while highlighting its recent clinical applications.

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