RNA-Seq Conference 2013 – Advanced approaches for gathering, interpreting & applying next generation transcriptome data

RNA-Seq 2013

Unlimited discovery of the entire RNA universe. Unbiased and unparalleled insights into the active genome.

Whether it’s a need for more accurate data, better resolution, pressure from granting agencies, or just plain fear of being left behind the technology forefront, it’s clear that many people believe RNA-Seq technology is the future of transcriptomics.

Whilst hybridization based microarrays are currently the primary method for global gene expression analysis, with advantages in sensitivity, quantification, and replicability of experiments, RNA-Seq has the potential to leapfrog microarrays for transcriptome analysis as the standard.

However, this rapidly developing area has its hurdles; data management and analysis requirements, de novo transcript assembly and biological inference to name but a few.

RNA-Seq 2013 is the only event dedicated to tackle these challenges.

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