RNA-Seq identifies the microtubule-interacting transcriptome (MT-RNAs)

mitosisResearchers at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital used RNA-seq to study the microtubule-interacting trancriptome of the frog Xenopus tropicalis. They identified ∼450 mRNAs that showed significant enrichment on microtubules (MT-RNAs). In addition, they demonstrated that the MT-RNAs incenp, xrhamm, and tpx2 associate with spindle microtubules in vivo. MT-RNAs are enriched with transcripts associated with cell division, spindle formation, and chromosome function, demonstrating an over-representation of genes involved in mitotic regulation. Their data suggest MT-RNAs are likely to contribute to spindle-localized mitotic translation.

  • Sharp JA, Plant JJ, Ohsumi TK, Borowsky M, Blower MD. (2011) Functional analysis of the microtubule-interacting transcriptome. Mol Biol Cell [Epub ahead of print]. [article]