RNA-seq Workshop

An introductory course to RNA-seq

INT Tumori, Milano, Italy, 28-29 March 2012


This hands-on course is held by the Bioinformatics and Genomics Unit  with guest speakers from Illumina . The course is suitable for biologists who are new to RNA-seq technology. Additionally, if you have analyzed gene expression data from microarrays and would now like to do projects using RNA-seq technology, then this workshop will enable you to gather information on the critical issue on RNA-seq from sample prep to data analysis.

The course is based on the use of Bioconductor open-source software. However, R coding skill is not required since all the analyses are done using oneChannelGUI, a graphical interface to Bioconductor tools, designed for life scientists who are not familiar with R language.

Knowledge of statistics is not necessary prior to attending the course.

Further course information, agenda and logistics can be found in the course booklet.