Scientist – RNA-Seq Technology Development – Seattle, WA

The Allen Institute for Brain Science creates broad and useful data and analysis tools for the scientific community. The Scientist, RNA-seq Technology Development, brings scientific and technical expertise to a new initiative at the Allen Institute to understand the information networks within cells. The goals of the Molecular Networks project are: 1) to build a comprehensive multimodal tool and “Omics” dataset to dynamically describe the trajectory of human stem cells as they differentiate into neurons; 2) to use the developed tools and data sets to understand cognitive disorders. The scientist is an essential part of the team responsible for the Molecular Networks project. He/she will be the project expert on the cutting edge molecular biology techniques and be responsible to generate a strategy to uniquely read out a cells transcriptional history via nucleic acid barcodes. This individual has deep experience next-generation sequencing technology including; RNA-seq library construction, Illumina Hiseq and Miseq platforms and downstream data processing and analysis. He/she will leverage their existing creativity and technical expertise to further the goals of the Molecular Networks project. (read more…)