SpiroESTdb: a sparganum transcriptome database

SpiroESTdb: a database and online tool for study of the sparganum (plerocercoid of Spirometra erinacei) transcriptome. SpiroESTdb is a web-based information resource that is built upon the annotation and curation of 5,655 ESTs data. SpiroESTdb provides an integrated platform for expressed sequence data, expression dynamics, functional genes, genetic markers including single nucleotide polymorphisms and tandem repeats, gene ontology and KEGG pathway information.

The contents of SpiroESTdb can be viewed and downloaded from the web: http://pathod.cdc.go.kr/spiroestdb

  • Kim DW et al. (2012) SpiroESTdb: a transcriptome database and online tool for sparganum expressed sequences tags. BMC Research Notes 5:130. [abstract]