SpliceTrap – a method to quantify alternative splicing

SpliceTrap is a method to quantify exon inclusion levels using paired-end RNA-seq data. Unlike other tools, which focus on full-length transcript isoforms, SpliceTrap approaches the expression-level estimation of each exon as an independent Bayesian inference problem. In addition, SpliceTrap can identify major classes of alternative splicing events under a single cellular condition, without requiring a background set of reads to estimate relative splicing changes.

Availability SpliceTrap is available for download and installation at: http://rulai.cshl.edu/splicetrap/

  • Wu J, Akerman M, Sun S, McCombie WR, Krainer AR, Zhang MQ. (2011) SpliceTrap: a method to quantify alternative splicing under single cellular conditions. Bioinformatics [Epub ahead of print]. [abstract]