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Massively parallel RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) has rapidly become the assay of choice for interrogating RNA transcript abundance and diversity. This article provides a detailed introduction to fundamental RNA-seq molecular biology and informatics concepts. The authors make available open-access RNA-seq tutorials ...

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New microRNA Analysis App in BaseSpace

miRNAs are a class of non-coding RNAs mainly involved in post-transcription control of gene expression although they are also involved in other non-canonical functions. Furthermore, they represents an interesting class of biomarkers for a large variety of diseases. Small RNA-sequencing ...

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FX: an RNA-Seq analysis tool on the cloud

FX is an RNA-Seq analysis tool, which runs in parallel on cloud computing infrastructure, for the estimation of gene expression levels and genomic variant calling. In the mapping of short RNA-Seq reads, FX uses a transcriptome-based reference primarily, generated from ...

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