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from GenomeWeb Illumina Battles BGI Over Purchase of Complete Genomics Illumina confirmed that it made a competing unsolicited bid for Complete Genomics at about 5 percent above BGI-Shenzhen’s offer for the Mountain View, Calif.-based next-generation sequencing services firm. In a ...

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A Look at the Future of RNA-Seq

from Genetic Engineering News- Third-Generation Sequencing Debuts by Vicki Glaser Helicos BioSciences In Helicos’ tSMS technology, labeled nucleotides are mixed with nucleic-acid templates immobilized on a flow cell. Detection of the fluorescent signals emitted as a result of each base ...

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RNA-Seq Poll Results

Which sequencing platform/technology is best suited for RNA-Seq applications? Platform                                  Votes Roche/454 – GS FLX                        4 Illumina – Genome Analyzer            12 Illumina – HiSeq                             16 Applied Biosystems – SOLiD            6 Helicos – HeliScope                         2 Pacific Biosciences                          2 Total Votes                                   42

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Q3 Results – Top Sequencing Technology Players

From GenomeWeb Illumina’s Q3 Revenues Jump 50 Percent on Strength of HiSeq Illumina reported after the close of the market Tuesday that its third-quarter revenues jumped 50 percent, easily beating analysts’ consensus estimate. Life Technologies’ Q3 Revenues Rise 8 Percent ...

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Helicos on the offensive – Makes good on claims to defend their IP

Helicos BioSciences Corporation has now named all three major competitors in a lawsuit claiming willfull infringement on their patents which broadly cover sequencing-by-synthesis technology.  They claim that Pacific Biosciences, Life Technologies, and Illumina have all incorporated Helicos’ patented technology “at ...

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