The transcriptional landscape of Chlamydia pneumonia

Chlamydophila pneumoniaeUsing a differential RNA-Seq approach with specific enrichment of primary transcripts, researchers at the University of Würzburg, Germany defined the transcriptome of purified elementary bodies and reticulate bodies of Chlamydophila pneumoniae strain CWL-029.

565 transcriptional start sites of annotated genes and novel transcripts were mapped. Analysis of adjacent genes for co-transcription revealed 246 polycistronic transcripts. In total, a distinct transcription start site or an affiliation to an operon could be assigned to 862 out of 1074 annotated protein coding genes. Semi-quantitative analysis of mapped cDNA reads revealed significant differences for 288 genes in the RNA levels of genes isolated from elementary bodies and reticulate bodies.

The researchers also identified and in part confirmed 75 novel putative non-coding RNAs. The detailed map of transcription start sites at single nucleotide resolution allowed for the first time a comprehensive and saturating analysis of promoter consensus sequences in Chlamydia.

  • Albrecht M, Sharma CM, Dittrich MT, Muller T, Reinhardt R, Vogel J, Rudel T. (2011) The transcriptional landscape of Chlamydia pneumonia. Genome Biology [Epub ahead of print]. [abstract]