TIARA genome database – update 2013

The Total Integrated Archive of short-Read and Array (TIARA) database stores and integrates human genome data generated from multiple technologies including next-generation sequencing and high-resolution comparative genomic hybridization array. The TIARA genome browser is a powerful tool for the analysis of personal genomic information by exploring genomic variants such as SNPs, indels and structural variants simultaneously. As of September 2012, the TIARA database provides raw data and variant information for 13 sequenced whole genomes, 16 sequenced transcriptomes and 33 high resolution array assays. Sequencing reads are available at a depth of ∼30× for whole genomes and 50× for transcriptomes. Information on genomic variants includes a total of ∼9.56 million SNPs, 23 025 of which are non-synonymous SNPs, and ∼1.19 million indels. In this update, by adding high coverage sequencing of additional human individuals, the TIARA genome database now provides an extensive record of rare variants in humans. Following TIARA’s fundamentally integrative approach, new transcriptome sequencing data are matched with whole-genome sequencing data in the genome browser. Users can here observe, for example, the expression levels of human genes with allele-specific quantification. Improvements to the TIARA genome browser include the intuitive display of new complex and large-scale data sets.

TIARA genome database

Availability: TIARA database is available online at – http://tiara.gmi.ac.kr

  • Hong D, Lee J, Bleazard T, Jung H, Ju YS, Yu SB, Kim S, Park SS, Kim JI, Seo JS. (2013) TIARA genome database: update 2013. Database (Oxford) [Epub ahead of print]. [article]