Transcriptome Analysis of the Model Protozoan – Tetrahymena thermophila, Using Deep RNA Sequencing

Tetrahymena thermophilaThis RNA-seq study describes the first deep sequencing analysis of the T. thermophila transcriptome during the three major stages of the life cycle: growth, starvation and conjugation. Uniquely mapped reads covered more than 96% of the 24,725 predicted gene models in the somatic genome. More than 1,000 new transcribed regions were identified. The great dynamic range of RNA-seq allowed detection of a nearly six order-of-magnitude range of measurable gene expression orchestrated by this cell. RNA-seq also allowed the first prediction of transcript untranslated regions (UTRs) and an updated (larger) size estimate of the T. thermophila transcriptome: 57 Mb, or about 55% of the somatic genome. This study identified nearly 1,500 alternative splicing (AS) events distributed over 5.2% of T. thermophila genes.

  • Xiong J, Lu X, Zhou Z, Chang Y, Yuan D, Tian M, Zhou Z, Wang L, Fu C, Orias E, Miao W. (2012) Transcriptome Analysis of the Model Protozoan, Tetrahymena thermophila, Using Deep RNA Sequencing. PLoS One 7(2), e30630. [article]