wapRNA – a web-based application for the processing of RNA sequences

wapRNA  is a comprehensive web application tool for processing mRNA-seq and miRNA-seq data. This web tool includes four different modules: mRNA-seq and miRNA-seq sequenced from SOLiD or Solexa platform and all the modules were tested on previously published experimental data. It accepts raw sequence data with an optional reads filter, followed by mapping and gene annotation or miRNA prediction. wapRNA also integrates downstream functional analyses such as Gene Ontology, KEGG pathway, miRNA targets prediction and comparison of gene’s or miRNA’s different expression in different samples. Executable packages for installation on user’s local server are provided.

wapRNA is freely available for use at: http://waprna.big.ac.cn

  • Zhao W, Liu W, Tian D, Tang B, Wang Y, Yu C, Li R, Ling Y, Wu J, Song S, Hu S.(2011) wapRNA: a web-based application for the processing of RNA sequences. Bioinformatics [Epub ahead of print]. [abstract]