1CellBio and the Open Medicine Institute to Demonstrate Power of Single-Cell RNA Sequencing in Precision Medicine Applications

inDrop™ System selected to generate predictive multi-omic clinical research data for undiagnosed conditions with immune dysfunction

1CellBio Inc., a leading single-cell analysis company serving the biomedical research community, today announced a partnership agreement with the Open Medicine Institute (OMI), a leading independent precision medicine clinical and research organization. Researchers at OMI will apply and validate 1CellBio’s inDrop™ System as part of a clinical research project to investigate the potential for single-cell RNA-sequencing (scRNA-seq) technology in precision medicine applications.

The collaboration will initially focus on generating predictive data for patients with an undiagnosed immune dysfunction condition. Researchers at OMI will look to identify putative biomarkers and demonstrate how an integrated omics approach can improve sensitivity, accuracy and specificity of complex immune illness diagnosis, and potentially guide therapeutic decision making. The study will also use machine learning and additional big data analysis techniques to identify clinically relevant patterns of gene expression in single cells, as well as relationships between disparate-omic data types and single-cell expression patterns. Following the pilot project, the two organizations will explore a clinical laboratory developed test assay service that will be offered by the OMI CLIA laboratory.

“The 1CellBio inDrop System has shown to be a highly flexible, high-throughput scRNA-seq platform that provides enhanced experimental control and more actionable information compared to other existing platforms,” said Andreas Kogelnik, MD, PhD, Founder, The Open Medicine Institute. “This collaboration adds another dimension to our large-scale multi-omics data integration and clinical application practice, especially for the large number of our patients with undiagnosed immune dysfunction and inflammatory conditions, as well as other areas.”

“The OMI is a well-known patient-centric and data-driven research organization at the forefront of precision medicine,” said Colin J.H. Brenan, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, 1CellBio. “We are looking forward to further demonstrating the clinical utility and validity of our single-cell sequencing technologies to help combat disease and accelerate this era of precision medicine.”

About Open Medicine Institute
The Open Medicine Institute is the only organization built from the ground up to put people first in driving actionable knowledge and engagement for patients. The institute has created a neutral, safe place for patients to collect, curate and share their own medical and research data while helping to contribute to a community of science. The institute’s clinics and clinical network together with the OMI research laboratory and clinical laboratory provide unique, large-scale multi-dimensional data on patients and their state of health and disease. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, OMI runs international research programs and provides clinical support to thousands of patients worldwide. For more information, please visit www.openmedicineinstitute.org.

About 1CellBio Inc.
1CellBio Inc. is the leading single-cell analysis company serving the biomedical research community. The company’s flagship inDrop™ System, a high-resolution, single-cell transcriptomics platform, delivers greater experimental control, rare actionable information and lower overall cost per result compared to all other existing platforms. Research laboratories around the world are now adopting the platform for a wide range of single-cell applications from tumor profiling to stem cells to embryo development to the identification and validation of new drug targets. Founded by leading scientists at Harvard University, 1CellBio is based in Cambridge, MA, and the company supports its growing number of customers through a team of international sales and field application scientists. For more information, please visit www.1cell-bio.com.

Source – BusinessWire

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