2020 transcriptomics training at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

EMBO Practical Course: FISHing for RNAs: Classical to Single Molecule Approaches

Over the past decades it became evident that a RNA transcripts specific amount and localisation are important in order to understand the biological function of its (non-) coding gene. Whereby state-of-the-art in situ hybridisation (ISH) technologies are key to visualise these RNAs in a given tissue or cell. This course aims to highlight three powerful RNA visualisation techniques in histological tissue samples. During this course the participants will learn to validate the cellular localisation of candidate genes from transcriptome studies through conventional ISH and, the more recent cutting-edge, smFISH (Single Molecule Fluorescent ISH) and HCR-ISH (Hybridization Chain Reaction), based RNA ISH hybridisation methods. Additionally, the course will also cover essential tissue embedding protocols that are adapted for use in visually interrogating RNA transcripts in mammalian tissues.

EMBL Advanced Training Centre Heidelberg, Germany
15 – 20 Mar 2020
Website: https://www.embl.de/training/events/2020/FIS20-01/


EMBL Course:Whole Transcriptome Data Analysis

This course will teach the biological researchers how to analyse biological data sets using open-source software. Most of the analysis will be performed with docker4seq package, which was developed to facilitate the use of computing demanding applications in the field of NGS data analysis. Docker4seq package uses docker containers that embed demanding computing tasks (e.g. short reads mapping) into isolated containers. This approach provides multiple advantages: the user does not need to install all the software on its local server, the results generated by different containers can be organised in pipelines and reproducible research is guarantee by the possibility of sharing the docker images used for the analysis.

Computers for hands-on exercises will be provided along with demo data sets.

EMBL Advanced Training Centre Heidelberg, Germany
8 – 12 Jun 2020
Website: https://www.embl.de/training/events/2020/DAT20-01/


EMBL Course: Gene Expression at Spatial Resolution

This course will introduce participants to a new generation of spatially resolved transcriptomics assay provided by 10x Genomics. The Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution incorporates unbiased, high-throughput total mRNA analysis for intact tissue sections with morphological context, offering a previously inaccessible view of tissue biology. These two complementary methods to study tissue come together on Visium Spatial Gene Expression slides. Through both theoretical sessions as well as extensive hands-on practical work the participants will learn the entire workflow of sample preparation of fresh-frozen tissue samples, fixation and optimisation of tissue permeabilisation and sequencing library preparation. Utilising the 10x Genomics Loupe Browser pipeline, the participants will also have hands-on training of spatial transcriptomics data analysis.

EMBL Advanced Training Centre Heidelberg, Germany
31 Aug – 4 Sep 2020
Website: https://www.embl.de/training/events/2020/SPA20-01/


EMBL Conference: From Functional Genomics to Systems Biology

The main objective of this conference is to bring people together from diverse disciplines to exchange ideas, promote cross-disciplinary collaborations and to form a synthesis of appropriate systems-level approaches. The meeting is therefore purposely broad to cover all aspects of genomics to systems biology, a unique combination that is highly appreciated by the participants. Over the past decade, this EMBL conference has therefore served as an important venue in helping to shape the field, or to be more precise to help generate a community of scientists that come from very diverse disciplines, each with the common goal to understand the systems level properties of their system of interest.

EMBL Advanced Training Centre Heidelberg, Germany
15 – 18 Nov 2020
Website: https://www.embl.de/training/events/2020/OMX20-01/

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