2nd Annual – Single Cell Congress


Over 400 delegates representing internationally renowned research & academic institutions, clinical research institutions as well as leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies

Over 20 case studies and presentations focusing on single cell genomics, transcriptomics and single cell analysis technologies

Including 2 interactive streams:

  • Single Cell Genomics & Transcriptomics
  • Single Cell Analysis Technologies

Co-located with the 6th Annual Next Generation Sequencing Congress

Day 1 – Single Cell Genomics & Transcriptomics

  • Application of single cell genomics in understanding:
    • Circulating tumour cells
    • Cancer stem cells
    • Rare cell conditions
  • Single cell genomics in diagnostics & personalised medicine
  • Transcriptome analysis of single cells
  • Quantitative imaging  of single cells

Day 2 – Single Cell Analysis Technologies

  • Tools and technologies for single cell analysis:
    • Flow cytometry
    • Microfluidics and chips
    • FISH analysis
    • Mass spectrometry
  • Single cell analysis: sample preparation
  • Isolation and purification methods
  • Single cell proteomics & metabolomics analysis

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