3rd Annual RNA-Seq Conference

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3rd Annual RNA-Seq Conference Announcement and Early Bird Savings

Presented by CHI’s X-Gen Congress
3rd Annual RNA-Seq: Differential Expression in Depth
March 18 – 20, 2013 | San Diego, CA

RNA-Seq is perhaps the most complex NGS application. The range, depth, and complexity of a human transcriptome is far from fully characterized. RNA transcripts, by nature, are moving targets, making their characterization and quantification difficult. A single RNA-Seq experiment can provide relatively unbiased sequence information for analysis of gene expression, novel transcripts, novel isoforms, alternative splice sites, allele-specific expression, cSNPs, and rare transcripts, depending on read depth.

Join us March 18-20 in San Diego, California at CHI’s Third Annual RNA-Seq: Differential Expression in Depth conference to discuss NGS technical improvements providing new insights into our active genome.

Register by Friday, November 16 and Save up to $450! http://www.xgencongress.com/RNA-Seq