3rd Annual RNA-Sequencing Conference – Special Offer to Blog Readers

The RNA-Seq Blog has formed a partnership with CHI, and as a special offer to readers of the blog, CHI will offer you a partner discount – a savings of $200 off the current published rate.

CHI’s 3rd Annual RNA-Sequencing conference is only weeks away but there is still time to register and reserve your place.

RNA-Sequencing : Differential Expression in Depth conference is part of the 4th annual  X-Gen Congress & Expo 2013
(http://www.xgencongress.com/RNA-Seq), March 18-20 in San Diego, CA.

X-Gen Congress is comprised of three scientific conferences
focused on RNA-Sequencing, DNA-Sequencing and Genomic Data Analysis. Your registration allows access to all three conferences.

Sessions Include:
– Functional Data Analysis
– Exome Sequencing
– Single-Cell Sequencing
– Advances in Clinical Research
– Nanopore Sequencing
And more . . . .

To take advantage of this offer, please enter code LNKR100 when registering.

To Register:
Call toll free: +1-888-999-6288
Visit: https://chidb.com/register/2013/xgn/reg.asp