3rd Annual Symposium on RNA Science and its Applications – Epitranscriptomics

The RNA Institute, University at Albany Event

3rd Annual Symposium on RNA Science and its Applications: Epitranscriptomics

Entails a full day of scientific presentations, poster session and awards

Venue: University at Albany, 1400 Washington Ave. Albany, NY USA

Date: March 16th – 18th, 2016

Keynote Speakers:

  • Glenn Björk, PhD, Professor emeritus at Department of Molecular Biology, Umeå University
  • Carlos J. Bustamante, PhD, HHMI Investigator, Professor of Molecular & Cell Biology, Physics, and Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley
  • Chuan He, PhD, HHMI Investigator, John T. Wilson Distinguished Service Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Director of the Institute for Biophysical Dynamics, The University of Chicago
  • Anna Moore, PhD, Professor in Radiology, Harvard Medical School Assistant in Cell Biology, Massachusetts General Hospital


The following workshops will disseminate technologies for epitranscriptome analysis and direct RNA sequence mutation analysis developed at The RNA Institute and for RNA structural modeling through simulation (Workshops take place on March 16th  and 17th, 2016):

  • Epitranscriptome analysis of RNA modifications at attomole level- lead by Dr. Maria Basanta-Sanchez
  • Direct RNA sequence mutation analysis by nanoswitch technology- lead by Dr. Kenneth Halvorsen
  • RNA Dynamics: Structural Modeling Through Simulation- lead by Dr. Alan Chen and Dr. Paul Whitford

Hosted by: The RNA Institute
Sponsored by: Sigma-Aldrich

Topics: tRNA modification, mRNA modification, RNA visualization and delivery, single molecule analysis

Find out more: https://www.rna.albany.edu/3rd-annual-symposium-rna-science/

Contact: Lori Chertoff [email protected]

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