A comprehensive analytical protocol to interrogate multiple single-cell RNA-seq datasets with SingCellaR

Single-cell RNA sequencing has led to unprecedented levels of data complexity. Although several computational platforms are available, performing data analyses for multiple datasets remains a significant challenge. University of Oxford researchers provide a comprehensive analytical protocol to interrogate multiple datasets on SingCellaR, an analysis package in R. This tool can be applied to general single-cell transcriptome analyses. The researchers demonstrate steps for data analyses and visualization using bespoke pipelines, in conjunction with existing analysis tools to study human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells.

Wang G, Wen WX, Mead AJ, Roy A, Psaila B, Thongjuea S. (2022) Processing single-cell RNA-seq datasets using SingCellaR. STAR Protoc 3(2):101266. [article]

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