A practical guide for circular RNA analysis: Steps, tips, and resources

Recent technological advances in RNA sequencing and analysis have allowed an increasingly thorough investigation of a previously unexplored class of transcripts, circular (circ)RNAs. Accumulating evidence suggests that circRNAs have unique functions which often rely on their association with microRNAs and RNA-binding proteins. Through these interactions, circRNAs have been implicated in major cellular processes and hence in the pathophysiology of a range of diseases.

Researchers from the National Institute on Aging provide guidelines to consider when developing studies on circRNAs, including detecting and selecting the circRNAs, identifying their binding partners and sites of interaction, modulating circRNA levels, assessing copy numbers and stoichiometry, and addressing other points unique to circRNA analysis. This article is categorized under: Regulatory RNAs/RNAi/Riboswitches > Regulatory RNAs.

Tsitsipatis D, Gorospe M. (2020) Practical guide for circular RNA analysis: Steps, tips, and resources. Wiley Interdiscip Rev RNA [Epub ahead of print. [abstract]

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